We have included recipes here for Wakame and Mekabu. Wakame is the upper frond of the Undaria plant while Mekabu is the convoluted tissue  from the base of the plant or the sporophyll.

Kai Ho have Wakame and Mekabu in either fresh frozen, salted or dried forms. The dried forms should be rehydrated before use.

The recipes have been obtained from the internet – so thanks to the respective authors. We at Kai Ho have not neccesarily tried all these recipes so would appreciate any feedback – see contact page.

We have found the following information to be particularly valuable.

Preparing and cooking with wakame.

  • Recipes advise different water temperatures when reconstituting dried wakame, but cold water will work and the wakame doesn’t clump together making it easier to drain and dry
  • If you want small pieces of wakame it is easier to break up the dried seaweed rather than when it is rehydrated and expanded
  • Fresh wakame is best cut with kitchen shears rather than a knife, and if you find a thick stem remove it, it’s not edible
  • Soba noodles, tofu, fish and shellfish, mushrooms particularly shitake and enoki, daikon and other vegetables go well with wakame
  • Fried wakame is a nice crunchy garnish – take soaked wakame and dry with absorbent paper, then in fry pieces in hot vegetable until light green, be careful as the oil will spit, drain on absorbent paper
  • Wakame goes well with seasonings like white and black sesame seeds, chilli powder or flakes, ginger, sugar
  • Dress wakame in mixes of rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, tamari, lemon juice, lime juice


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